Sunday, January 12, 2020

[100%OFF] Learn Machine Learning 101 Class Bootcamp Course NYC

Machine Learning 101 Class Bootcamp Course Intro to AI

What you'll learn

Learn Terms used in Machine Learning in Python 312 285 6886
Learn the Basics of Model building without math or programming knowledge
Entry point to Data Science, Machine Learning Career in NYC New York


Python 101 (3-10 hours)
Data Science 101 (3-10 hours)
Career in Data Science (3-10 hours)


Machine Learning 101 Class Bootcamp Course NYC

Python Scikit-learn Library

Supervised vs Unsupervised Learning

Regression vs Classification models

Categorical vs Continuous feature spaces

Modeling Fundamentals: Test-train split, Cross validation(CV), Bias–variance tradeoff, Precision and Recall, Ensemble models

Interpreting Results of Regression and  Classification Models (Hands On)

Parameters and Hyper Parameters

SVM, K-Nearest Neighbor, Neural Networks

Dimension Reduction

Hands on:

Understanding and Interpreting results of Regression and Logistic Regression using Google Spreadsheets and Python

Calculating R-Square, MSE, Logit manually in excel for enhanced understanding (Multiple Regression)

Understanding features of Popular Datasets: Titanic, Iris (Scikit) and Housing Prices

Running Logistic Regression on Titanic Data Set

Running Regression, Logistic Regression, SVM and Random Forest on Iris Dataset

Who this course is for:

  • Python and Data Analytics
  • Programmers with no knowledge of Maths
  • New Entrants in Data Science Field

This course is by Udemy
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