Friday, January 24, 2020

[FREE] Git Fundamentals Master Git by learning key topics

Master Git by learning key topics like branching, merging, stashing and rebasing. Also teaches you the Git foundations .

What you'll learn

  • effectively use the git commands at work. The participant will also gain the confidence and will be able to leverage all the key features like feature branching, merging, working with GitHub and creating workflows which suits their development process.
  • The participant will also be able to comprehend what happens behind the scenes when a git command is executed and be in a position to mentor team mates on different key topics.


The participant needs some familiarity with working on software projects and understanding of any Version control system. However, the course does not assume any prior working experience with VCS and starts from really ground up.


This course is intended for developers and SCM engineers who want to learn and start using Git as their version control systems. This course is designed in a manner that this will be useful for beginners. Also the concepts will be a refresher for experienced professionals. This course takes a step by step approach right from the basics of a Version control system and then introduces to the benefits and drawbacks of a VCS. Then we introduce you to Git VCS, explain how to setup Git and run through the most useful commands. Also I have included the topic to work with remote repository using Github.

Who this course is for:

This course is designed for developers, operations engineers and Architects who want to learn and use Git in their project. Participants familiar with basics of git will also leverage from some of the inner working of Git.
Having a basic understanding of a version control system will be useful but not mandatory to take up this course.

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Disclaimer: This Course is by Udemy, Course description is from udemy

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